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East Harptree Parish Council update on road safety projects

This is to give some news on the current state of the road safety projects being undertaken by the Parish Council 
Last year the Parish Council sought the views from the village with regards to road safety and produced a flyer with some information, proposals for a ‘virtual’ footpath in High Street, replacing the white line which has virtually disappeared, and requests for suggestions.
Some suggestions came from this which included reducing the speed limits on the main roads entering the village and around the school area where not already present, replacing the disabled parking bay markings outside the church, replacing the school bus parking bay outside the telephone kiosk, extending the zigzag lines to the end of Church Lane at the junction of Middle Street, and replacement of the coloured road surface at the crossroads of High Street and West Harptree Road. 
Consultations were held with BNES highways both on-site and at The Hollies (MSN) and the following was discussed and/or undertaken;
1.       ‘Virtual’ footpath in High Street
B&NES have stated that this will be considered in 2020/2021. EHPC are still pushing for this to be brought forward.
2.       Speed reduction
Speed monitoring was undertaken in the village earlier in the year. Attached are documents showing the data gathered and the average results by recorder location (BNES East Harptree SDR Data.xlsx and Speed Data Map.pdf). EHPC have provisionally agreed the speed reductions proposed by BNES. These are shown on the attached file (speed limit updated plan.pdf). These proposals will be put out to public consultation next year. They are included here for your information only. 
3.       Disabled parking bay
This was completed in the October 2019 school holiday 
4.       School bus parking bay
This was completed in the October 2019 school holiday 
5.       Extending zigzag lines
Cars were parking on the corner of the road below the clock tower causing an obstruction to traffic and particularly the school buses and public bus. As the limit for the amount of zigzag lines had already been reached it was agreed to have a single white line to deter parking. This has now been completed. 
6.       Coloured road surface replacement at crossroads of High Street and West Harptree Road
This is still under discussion with B&NES regarding its maintenance.
The documents associated with the above can be viewed below:
Bristol Airport Expansion planning application.

At its meeting on 19th November 2019, councillor's voted unanimously to OBJECT to the planning application for the expansion of Bristol Airport submitted to North Somerset Council reference 18/P/5118/OUT.
The Parish Council objection and comments can be viewed here -
Drainage Works in East Harptree.
An update on the drainage works on Smitham Hill and Wallace Lane can be viewed here -









The Parish Clerk, Alan Butcher, can be contacted by telephone (o1749 870358) or email to eastharptreeparishcouncil@gmail.com