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This consultation takes place between 2nd January and 21st January 2018. Parishioners are advised to respond individually to B&NES. The Parish Council will consider their response on 16th January 2018.

The consultation documents can be viewed here: Bus consultation 020118.pdf 

The Waldegrave Arms.

The background information and the survey about listing The Waldegrave Arms as an Asset of Community Value can be found here - Waldegrave Background paper to survey270217.pdf.

The application was submitted to BANES on 2nd May 2017 and the consideration period ends on 27th June 2017.

Confirmation of the granting of ACV status has been received from BANES - BANES letter 270617.pdf
The Notice of Nomination can be viewed here - 
Section 91 Notice of Nomination.pdf

Kielder Development, Church Lane.

East Harptree Parish Council has been raising the issue of non-compliance with Pre-commencement Planning Conditions at the Kielder development over many months with our Ward Councillor and B&NES officers. The Parish Council submitted an Enforcement Complaint Form to B&NES on 23rd May 2017. This and supporting paperwork can be viewed below.
Continuing pressure from the Parish Council along with support from a number of residents has finally resulted in the current enforcement action and the issue of a "Stop" Notice which can be viewed below.
Steve Pennycook email.pdf - email from Simon James Site manager re: lorries.

Text of email from Simon James Homes (Steve Pennycook) about deliveries to the Kielder Site:
Starting on the 14th May 2018 we have the deliveries of the timber frame houses. The vehicles delivering the frames are to large to get on site and need to be offloaded by crane on to the site whilst parked on the road. This will obviously cause a temporary obstruction to traffic using Church Lane. The vehicles will take approximately 1.5 hrs to unload so the obstruction is only for a short period.

We will be hand delivering a letter to all of our neighbours on Church Lane to inform them.

The traffic movements on Church Lane during the day are minimal so we shouldn’t cause too much disruption.

Banks man will be on duty to usher any pedestrians who may want to pass.

I thank you for your  co-operation.

The deliveries are as follows

14th May
16th May
18th May
22nd May

4th June
6th June
8th June
12  June

25th June
27th June

If you have any queries please contact me.








The Parish Clerk, Alan Butcher, can be contacted by telephone (o1749 870358) or email to eastharptreeparishcouncil@gmail.com