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At its meeting on 17th March 2020, the Parish Council passed the following emergency motion to ensure the council can continue to function during the current coronavirus emergency:

Business Continuity Motion to continue Parish Council administrative functions in the event that the council cannot meet in person.

In light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and government advice, this council resolves that:

(a) Should the council be unable to meet for whatever reason, the Clerk be given delegated authority to progress all ongoing matters and projects and authorise all regular payments and incur expenditure in line with the council’s agreed budget subject to any decisions taken under this resolution being be taken in consultation with all available members of the council.  A record of all decisions and expenditure incurred under delegated authority will be kept and reported to members when the council next meets.

(b) The authority to decide the council’s response to planning applications be delegated to the Clerk, in consultation with all available members of the council. Councillors will be informed of applications out for consultation and will be invited to submit comments to the Clerk.

(c) Should the Clerk be unable to perform his duties, the Chairman or another appointed Councillor will assume the role of Proper Officer and RFO in an unpaid capacity.

(d) The Clerk, in consultation with all available members of the council, may incur expenditure from reserves, where such expenditure will help the community’s efforts to support those in need of assistance or prevent social isolation as a result of the covid 19 emergency.

(e) Should government allow councils to meet virtually (online), the council will take all reasonable steps to facilitate this.

(f) This resolution will be subject to continuing review in the light of emerging government advice.

Parishioners wishing to raise a matter of query or concern with the Parish Council should contact the Parish Clerk or any Parish Councillor: details on the  Contact the Parish Council  page.

Parish Council Business during the current emergency.

The Parish Council has considered in an on-line consultation the following planning applications:

Application 20/01065/FUL - Dormer Loft Conversion at Dawn Break, Middle Street, East Harptree. Councillors were concerned that the policy requirement for the number of parking spaces associated with the proposals had not been met and that a render finish had been specified rather than stonework to match the existing. Accordingly, they agreed to object to the application.

Application 20/01048/FUL - Single Storey extension at The Annex, Copse End, Coombe Lane, East Harptree. Councillors were concerned that the policy requirement for the number of parking spaces associated with the proposal had not been met  Accordingly, they agreed to object to the application.

Application 20/01219/FUL - Erection of bungalow at Fairways, Middle Street, East Harptree. Councillors were concerned about the over development and small size of the site, the provision of parking spaces in accordance with policies, waste management and dark skies policy. Councillors agreed to object to the proposals.

Application 20/01222/TPO - Tree Works at The Clock House, Church Lane, East Harptree. Councillors agreed to leave the decision to the planning officer commenting that they would have liked an arborists report to aid their decision.

Application 19/05451/AR - Advertisement Consent at St Laurence's Church, East Harptree. Confirmation had been received from B&NES the consent had been granted.

A Summary of Parish Council business for March and April 2020 is included on the Meetings page. 

Parish Council vacancy.

Following the resignation of Peter King, there is a vacancy on the Parish Council. Notification of the vacancy and other details can be viewed here - casual vacancy 22 11 19.pdf

Climate and Nature Emergency.

In response to the Climate and Nature Emergency, the Parish Council and community have set up a Working Group to bring forward ideas to combat the effects of climate change in the Parish and in liaison with other parishes and B&NES. Details, information and contact details can be viewed on the Climate Emergency Working Group page.

Community Infrastructure Levy.

The Parish Council receives monies from the Community Infrastructure Levy on developments around the parish. Details of the levy and how to apply for a grant can be viewed on the Community Infrastructure Levy page.

Parking around the Village.

When parking around the village and especially around the High Street, Middle Street and Whitecross road junction, please give consideration to other road users and particularly heavy good vehicles and agricultural vehicles who may be obstructed by inconsiderate parking.

Bristol Airport Expansion.

At its meeting on 19th November 2019, councillor's voted unanimously to OBJECT to the planning application for the expansion of Bristol Airport submitted to North Somerset Council reference 18/P/5118/OUT.
The Parish Council objection and comments can be viewed here -

Road Safety Update.

This is to give some news on the current state of the road safety projects being undertaken by the Parish Council 
Last year the Parish Council sought the views from the village with regards to road safety and produced a flyer with some information, proposals for a ‘virtual’ footpath in High Street, replacing the white line which has virtually disappeared, and requests for suggestions.
Some suggestions came from this which included reducing the speed limits on the main roads entering the village and around the school area where not already present, replacing the disabled parking bay markings outside the church, replacing the school bus parking bay outside the telephone kiosk, extending the zigzag lines to the end of Church Lane at the junction of Middle Street, and replacement of the coloured road surface at the crossroads of High Street and West Harptree Road. 
Consultations were held with BNES highways both on-site and at The Hollies (MSN) and the following was discussed and/or undertaken;
1.       ‘Virtual’ footpath in High Street
B&NES have stated that this will be considered in 2020/2021. EHPC are still pushing for this to be brought forward.
2.       Speed reduction
Speed monitoring was undertaken in the village earlier in the year. Attached are documents showing the data gathered and the average results by recorder location (BNES East Harptree SDR Data.xlsx and Speed Data Map.pdf). EHPC have provisionally agreed the speed reductions proposed by BNES. These are shown on the attached file (speed limit updated plan.pdf). These proposals will be put out to public consultation next year. They are included here for your information only. 
3.       Disabled parking bay
This was completed in the October 2019 school holiday 
4.       School bus parking bay
This was completed in the October 2019 school holiday 
5.       Extending zigzag lines
Cars were parking on the corner of the road below the clock tower causing an obstruction to traffic and particularly the school buses and public bus. As the limit for the amount of zigzag lines had already been reached it was agreed to have a single white line to deter parking. This has now been completed. 
6.       Coloured road surface replacement at crossroads of High Street and West Harptree Road
This is still under discussion with B&NES regarding its maintenance.