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You may have seen the posters popping up around the village and wondered what they are about. Well, we are supporting a project that we hope will benefit our whole community, both now and for many years to come. 
The Parish Council has given careful thought to the views expressed at the recent meetings on 5th and 19th December, especially the strength of feeling about the future of our village. It is clear that we need to have a shared view on what the future should look like for East Harptree, one that will help us to make good decisions on behalf of the residents as well as tell us where you think we should spend our time and resources. We have decided to ask a member of the parish to set up a Strategic Planning Group to advise the Parish Council on how the people who live and work in this parish see our future. 
Sally Calverley has volunteered to lead and coordinate the work that will be necessary. We have asked that this Community Strategic Plan be presented to the Parish Council no later than the end of March 2018. The Plan will cover every aspect of life in our village from schools to businesses to homes to journeys we all make to sports we enjoy.

The one thing - indeed the ONLY thing - that will make this project a success is making sure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to have their say -  whether your family has been in the village for 5 generations or 5 months, whether you are 7, 17, 70 or 107! So please don't be shy. If meetings aren’t your thing, there will be many other ways that you can get involved. We need people to organise events, run research groups, take notes and simply to give your views on what you would like to see happen in our village, so  there is no danger of you being left out.
We are looking for volunteers to:

 - Be part of the Steering Group - this is the Group that will direct, drive and shape the work to be done.

- Be part of the Advisory Board- this is the Group that will advise the Steering Group and will have representatives from as many different parts of the village as possible: from business owners, to the WI, cricket team and young mums… we want everybody to have their say. The job of the Advisory Board is to advise the Steering Group and also make sure that the project stays on the right path.

- Be a subject specialist or expert - we shall need people who are expert in many fields, from farmers, to contractors, to drainage, to highways, marketing, finance, planning, video makers …. if you have a skill, please don't be shy. We need you!

- Lead a task and finish group - essentially someone who will lead a team of people who will find out the answer to a particular question and report back to the Steering Group e.g. a group of people who are asked to complete a project on what people who work from home would like, or young mothers. Or perhaps what sort of events we’d like to see in the village. Or where any new homes should be built.
- Be part of a Task and Finish group - as above, but not having to lead it.

- Be a Chair - we need people who are really good at chairing meetings efficiently.

- Be a Scribe - are you good at writing? Would you be wiling to write up our strategic plan when we have all the information together?

- Carry out research - whether face to face interviews or surveys, we need people who are skilled at carrying out market research

- Be an archivist, so we preserve the thoughts of the village at this moment in time for the benefit of future generations. 

- Organise events - there will be at least 3 village meetings during this process. We want to take the opportunity to turn these into fun, social occasions we can all enjoy?

If you are willing to take on a role in this project, however small, please would you contact Sally on sallycalverley@icloud.com - she will be very pleased to hear from you! 
The outcome from this project will help to shape the future of our village - as your Parish Council we will then know what you want and be able to use this information in all that we do. So, please, do get involved. The first Steering Group and Advisory Board meetings will take place in the first week in February so there is no time to waste. The result will be a future plan that we, as a community, can believe in and support.
Kind regards
East Harptree Parish Council
The Parish Clerk, Alan Butcher, can be contacted by telephone (o1749 870358) or email to eastharptreeparishcouncil@gmail.com