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The Parish Council receives monies via B&NES from the Community Infrastruture Levy charged on developments in the Parish. The Parish Council receives 15% of the levy in three installments during the progress of the works. Additionally, 10% is given by B&NES to a central pot associated with the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan. Currently these funds are held by the Parish Council and designated separately on the accounts. 
The Parish Council Annual Report on CIL for 2018 - 19 and 2019 - 20 can be viewed here - CIL Annual Report 2018-19 and 2019-20.pdf

Information about the levy can be found here - https://www.gov.uk/guidance/community-infrastructure-levy
The criteria for spending the levy are given below:

What can the Community Infrastructure Levy be spent on (and by whom)?

Application of CIL by Local Councils.

A Local council must use CIL receipts passed to it in accordance with regulation 59B to support the dvelopment of the local councils area or any part of that area by funding:

a) the provision, improvement, replacement, operation of maintenance of infrastructure or

b) anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands developments place on the area.

Local authorities must allocate at least 15% of levy receipts to spend on priorities that should be agreed with the local community in areas where development is taking place. This can increase to a minimum of 25% in certain circumstances.

How to make an application to East Harptree Parish Council for a grant of Community Infrastructure Levy funds
(1) Title of your project, the name of the organisation and contact details of those making the application.
(2) Provide a detailed summary of your proposals together with drawings/specifications and a timescale for the project. 
(3) Provide detailed costings/sources of funds for the work and how much is required from CIL monies. Costings will ultimately need to be supported by 3 quotations. The EHPC has a legal duty to properly account for the expenditure of CIL monies and so quotations and detailed costings are required.
(4) Compliance with the CIL Regulations 
Please identify if the proposal is in accordance with the CIL Regs by confirming if the project will meet the CIL Regulations (Reg 59C) to support the development of the East Harptree Parish area through: 
A. the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of infrastructure; or, 
B. anything else that is concerned with addressing the demands that development places on an area. 
(4)(a) To meet Criteria A, please identify what infrastructure priority your project addresses, and how your project relates to the provision, improvement, replacement, operation or maintenance of the proposed infrastructure. 
(4)(b) To meet Criteria B, please identify what the demands are that development has placed on the local area that your project helps to address. 
(5) If your project may give rise to ongoing maintenance obligations, please provide evidence of which legal entity will be accepting responsibility for this in the future.
(6) Projects must receive community support. Applicants will be required to provide evidence that the needs of the community have been listened to before applications will be considered.

The Parish Council may request further details before making a decision about the application. Additionally, because of the way the levy is received by the Parish Council which is related to the commencement dates for the developments it may not always be possible to fulfil applicants timescale requirements.
Applications should be made to the Parish Clerk.