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Neighbourhood Plans:  These are intended to give communities more control over the type, location, pace, and design of development in their area, taking account of its special   characteristics.  East Harptree, along with six other local villages, is represented by the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan (CVNP) which was ‘made’ (adopted), in July 2017, following a local referendum.  There are a number of Neighbourhood Plans in B&NES still under preparation.  The Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan ‘Steering Group’ keeps an eye on issues relating to the CVNP, including when it may need to be reviewed or updated.

Neighbourhood Plans, where they exist, form part of the Local Plan. In B&NES the Local Development Plan, or ‘Local Plan’ covers the period from 2011 – 2029 and comprises the ‘Core Strategy’ and the ‘Placemaking Plan’.  Because we have a made Neighbourhood Plan in the Chew Valley, this also forms part of that Local Plan. 

The plan can be viewed here - http://www.cvnp.co.uk/