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The New B&NES Local Plan has been the subject of consultations during 2018 and into 2019 and details of Parish Council responses will be posted here.

B&NES’ New Local Plan must reflect the new West of England Combined Authority’s Joint Spatial Plan (JSP), which in turn reflects Government Policy.  The JSP has assessed the housing need in B&NES up to 2036 and the Local Plan must show how and where these homes will be built.  In addition to two very large developments anticipated at Whitchurch and Keynsham, B&NES will need to build 700+ home across its rural areas and villages.

Many Parish Councils have been carrying out Site Assessments across the rural areas of B&NES as part of the Housing Land Availability Assessments (HELAA).  This started at the beginning of 2017 with B&NES asking landowners to put forward sites that they would be willing to have developed. These could be outside of the existing Housing Development Boundaries. 

Initially East Harptree  Parish Council were asked to give a brief factual response to two sites in East Harptree, at Parkers Mead and land west of the High Street referred to as EH4. However, B&NES subsequently decided against the Parkers Mead site, but requested a more detailed assessment of site EH4; this was completed in October 2018.  

The Site Assessment was ‘directed’ by a set of detailed forms (known as ‘Toolkits) designed by B&NES to ensure a factual and un-biased assessment.  Volunteers from the village were included in the assessment process.   B&NES also requested a village ‘Character Assessment’ and the Chew Valley Neighbourhood Plan was used as the basis for this. The Assessment is included at the bottom of this page.

The Parish Council has also responded to the "Rural Facilities Audit" prepared by B&NES concerning the status given to our village shop. This correspondence can be viewed below.


In January 2018 the Parish Council responded to B&NES first Options Consultation about the method by which any proposed additional housing in the area is allocated. This response can be viewed here: Final Options from EHPC 291217.pdf

There was subsequently a second Options Consultation that included 3 possible strategies that B&NES might adopt to determine where they would build the 700+ homes across the rural areas, including smaller villages such as East Harptree. The Parish Council responded in January 2019.

Representatives from the Parish Council have attended a number of briefing and training sessions, provided by B&NES during 2018.  B&NES is currently considering the Site Assessments they have requested, alongside analysing the results of their latest Consultation.  The Parish Council has been told that decisions about which Sites will be allocated for development will be published in a Draft Local Plan, possibly towards the end of 2019.

Information about the New Local Plan and the West of England Joint Spatial Policy can be viewed on the B&NES website - www.bathnes.gov.uk

Clarification of information published by the Parish Council re: site EH4

It has come to the Parish Councils attention that some people in the village think that a planning application has been submitted to build houses on the EH4 site to the west of the High Street following the recent distribution of an East Harptree Parish Council leaflet regarding site assessments. This is not the case.

As stated in the leaflet, the owners put this site forward as being available as a potential site to be allocated for housing development as part of the B&NES Housing Land Availability Assessment. Whilst this is not a planning application it could have other implications which  villagers ought to be aware of. For example, the last time such a process took place in the village, two sites were allocated in the B&NES Local Plan: Pinkers Farm and the land behind Yearten House off of water Street. East Harptree Parish Council noted two implications of these sites being allocated in the way:

1) The Housing Development boundary for the village was extended to encompass the Pinkers Farm site which had previously been outside the boundary. This changes planning policies in favour of development.

2) The owner of the Water Street site was forced by B&NES to apply to build more houses (8) than they wanted to build (5) to meet B&NES expectations of a suitable housing density for the site.

The site assessment being carried out by East Harptree Parish Council and village volunteers is to gather additional local information to help B&NES to decide whether it is suitable for allocation or not in the emerging new Local Plan. If anyone has any information which they think the site assessment team ought to be aware of relating to this site, please let Councillor Andrew Jones (andrew.jones@ eastharptreeparish.org) or Councillor Paul Waldron (paul.waldron@ eastharptreeparish.org) know by 5th October 2018.

Site EH4 and Village Character Assessments submitted to B&NES in late October 2018 can be viewed below:


The Parish Clerk, Alan Butcher, can be contacted by telephone - 01749 870358 or email - eastharptreeparishcouncil@gmail.com